Listen. Collaborate. Evolve.

To develop the solutions that move the GI field forward, you need insight into the latest scientific discoveries. DDW is your opportunity to gain that essential knowledge. Join a global community of GI professionals to discover what your target audiences need now. In just four days, you can gain the intelligence you need to keep producing highly relevant, desirable solutions.

This year, you choose how you want to be part of DDW. Attend in person in San Diego or join us virtually. Browse the early meeting agenda and session highlights in the DDW Preliminary Program

Build Connections

No other meeting brings you together with this breadth of forward-thinking professionals. DDW offers multiple opportunities for you to enhance existing relationships and build new connections.

Stay Informed

Learn about the medical science trends that will influence your product offerings and engage in discussions about challenges and areas of opportunity. DDW's scientific sessions feature top GI experts and the latest research.

Scope Out the Competition

See how your competitors are addressing the changes happening in health care. Designated breaks have been built into the daily schedule for attendees to visit the Exhibit Hall and virtual Industry Supporter Showcase.

DDW represents a variety of sectors in the industry. Industry supporters are grouped by the following categories:

  • Anesthetics and Conscious
  • Artificial Intelligence and
  • Capsule Endoscopy Technology
  • COVID-19
  • Diagnostic Equipment, Devices
    and Services
  • Disease State Awareness
  • Endoscope Disinfection:
    Reprocessing Equipment,
    Solutions, Accessories and
  • Endoscopes: Upper Scopes,
    Colonoscopes, Enteroscopes, EUS
    and ERCP Scopes
  • Endoscopic Devices
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Nutritional and Weight
  • Other Imaging Techniques: OCT,
    Confocal, Fibroscan, Fluoroscopy,
  • Patient Education, Tools and
    Mobile Apps
  • Pharmaceuticals: Acid Suppression
  • Pharmaceuticals: Antiviral
    Medications for Hepatitis
  • Pharmaceuticals: Diarrhea,
    Constipation and Functional
    Bowel Disorder Medications
  • Pharmaceuticals: Diarrhea,
    Constipation and Functional
    Bowel Disorder Medications
  • Pharmaceuticals: IBD Medication
  • Pharmaceuticals: Other
  • Practice Management/
    Telemedicine Technologies
  • Probiotics and Medical Foods
  • Professional: Certification,
    Education, Recruitment and
    Medical Training Simulation
  • Publications
  • Start-Up Company
  • Surgical Equipment

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DDW creates an array of opportunities for you to meet and collaborate with your colleagues.
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