DDW Tracks

Seventeen tracks provide attendees with the ability to search all sessions and posters by topic or theme across all societies as well as exhibitors. Look for these in all of our attendee resources as you plan for the meeting.

Search Sessions by Track

List of DDW Session Tracks

In the DDW Mobile App or Online Planner, browse sessions by track. For example, some specific sessions that relate to basic science are grouped together. The tracks include sessions and posters for each topic. Exhibitors are also separated by updated product categories, which can be found in the exhibits section of the mobile app.

Other Ways to Use Tracks

  • In the Poster Hall, they are used for grouping posters. Poster Locator signs help you navigate the hall by track.
  • In printed materials, tracks are color coded. Please refer to the above graphic to view each track’s assigned color.

Other Planning Resources

Digestive Disease Week

DDW News

Head over to the blog to read about meeting updates and planning tools.

DDW 2021 Page Card

DDW Goes Virtual

In 2021, DDW moves online as a fully virtual meeting with slightly new dates: May 21-23, 2021.

Connect Virtually

DDW creates an array of opportunities for you to meet and collaborate with your colleagues.