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Attending DDW isn’t only about meeting up with colleagues and thought leaders in GI once a year, but also about keeping in touch with those contacts and receiving information about future meetings. Use social media to get the latest information about DDW and interact with fellow attendees.

Official Hashtag

Use the official hashtag, #DDW2025, on all of the outlined social media platforms. DDW and its followers use this to categorize all tweets about the 2024 meeting.

Once you’ve registered for DDW 2024, pass on the good news and invite your colleagues to join you. Be a top advocate on our leaderboard and win a prize!

Want to let the world know you’re presenting at DDW 2024? We’ve created a presenter badge that you can share on social media to encourage your network to attend. Use the buttons below to share.

DDW Photography Policy

Photography at DDW is allowed for personal, social or non-commercial use; however, presenters have the right to request no photography, and in those situations photography is strictly prohibited. Attendees taking photos must do so in a non-disruptive manner so as not to disturb the presenter and other attendees. Flash photography is not allowed. Video recording, live audio or video streaming, and/or recording for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this policy may result in removal from the session room and loss of a DDW registration badge for the remainder of the meeting.

  1. Photography Restrictions in Session Rooms: If the slide includes the “no photos” icon, attendees are strictly prohibited from taking photographs of that slide.
  2. Photography Restrictions in the Poster Hall: If the poster board includes the “no photos” icon, attendees are strictly prohibited from taking photographs of that board.
  3. Photography Restrictions in the Exhibit Hall: Photography is not allowed in this area.

Attendees are encouraged to share information from presentations on social media, provided that they respect the wishes of presenters as stated in the policy above.

DDW plans to take photographs, audio and video at DDW and reproduce them in DDW educational, news or promotional material, whether in print, electronic or other media, including the DDW website. By participating in DDW, you grant the right to use your name or voice, photograph and biography for such purposes to DDW. All postings become the property of DDW. Postings may be displayed distributed or used by DDW for any purpose.